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"Most of us are trained, especially women of color, on how to be great managers. We can manage from sun up to sun down, but no one teaches us how to lead."

~Marjorie Perry, from From Pumps To Timbs: Construction Entrepreneur Talks 7 Steps To Power Positioning For Women

"My client was owed $1 million. That’s nothing to the Department of Defense, but for a small business-owner, that is a huge amount of money. I always say it’s better to have friends [in politics] and not need them; than to need friends and not have them."

Raynard Jackson, from How Small Business Owners Can Profit From Being Politically Active

"Behind that success is a story both unique and familiar in traveling between worlds both black and white, yet uniquely American."

Daniel Belton, on Baratunde Thurston’s book How To Be Black, and his SXSW keynote.

From Baratunde Thurston on How To Be Black…And Tech Savvy

(Image: Harper Collins Publishers)

"Our circumstances, no matter how wretched, define the floor—never a ceiling—from which to build on life’s potential. Don’t accept limits."

— Alfred Edmond Jr., SVP of Black Enterprise, from Twitter

"Certain people would like to blame us rather than look in the mirror. We are not the scapegoat."

AFSCME’s Lee Saunders, from Union Boss Says Workers Are Under Attack

"Nollywood films allow Black people to choose roles that fully express their humanity."

Nigerian actress Ebbe Bassey, from Hooray for Nollywood: Behind the Scenes of the Nigerian Film Industry

Nigerian actress Ebbe Bassey (Image:

"I don’t bluff."

President Obama, fromObama Warns Iran He Won’t Take Nuclear Weapons Threat Lightly

President Obama

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